Thursday, November 13, 2008

Goodbye Ireland

Dear Readers:

Today is the day my group returns. We should be excited and exhausted, but also a little sad that the much anticipated trip is coming to an end. My thanks goes to Nawas Travel for a marvelous trip.

It was a dream come true. This is the last of my scheduled posts. I probably won't blog for five or six days after tomorrow, November 14. I'll have jet lag and lots of work to catch up on. Thanks for reading this series. Hope you enjoyed learning the details of my trip.

To my boys:

I'm on a big plane flying over an ocean again! There's a little surprise for you in the bottom drawer of the old dresser (in front of the window) for each of you--dad included. It's orange Tic Tacs for you boys and sour candies for your dad. I'll see you tomorrow! I'll bring presents.


Anonymous said...

Vacations are always tough when they come to an end. I will be glad when you are back! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Casdok said...

Hope you have a good trip back. I have enjoyed the post especially the notes to your boys!!