Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Ring of Kerry

Note: I'm taking a vacation in Ireland, but have scheduled some posts to be published. My husband, Michael, will be home to take our two boys to school. Michael might write a post or two while I'm gone. Please feel free to comment while I'm gone. They'll be published. : )

This is written on my agenda for Thursday, November 6:

"Today you have an opportunity to enjoy what is perhaps Ireland's most breathtaking tour. Spend a full day exploring the 109-mile "Ring of Kerry," encircling the Iveragh Peninsula, a panorama of spectacular coastal and mountain scenery along golden beaches. You will pass beautiful lakes, quaint little villages and drive along the rugged Atlantic shore before returning to Killarney."

Dear Lorenzen boys:

I haven't seen any leprechauns yet, and probably will not be lucky enough to catch a glimpse. I hear they can be quite mean sometimes, so perhaps it's best if I don't come across one. I will see you in eight days. You can have dad click on the link to see what I really did get to see today. I love you very, very, very, much.

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