Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Views from My Coach Window

Note: I'm taking a vacation in Ireland, but have scheduled some posts to be published. My husband, Michael, will be home to take our two boys to school. Michael might write a post or two while I'm gone. Please feel free to comment while I'm gone. They'll be published. : )

My itinerary says coach, but whenever I see the word I think of the old-fashioned kind pulled by horses. The word bus brings up a stronger image in my mind. I know a common practice to use coach instead of bus when travelling and I suspect that although English is the primary language in Ireland, I'll hear some words I'm not used to hearing.

Anyway this is what we'll see today: the Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough (which translates to 'glen of the two lakes'), the Calary bog, and the fishing port of Arklow. I'm sure I'll be enjoying some breathtaking views today. During my web searches I've noticed that County Wicklow is referred to as the Garden of Ireland.

To the Lorenzen Boys: Tell dad to click on the link for Wicklow Mountains to see lots of pictures. There is also at least one pretty picture on the other two links as well. Please remember to water our plants after reading this post. I love you very, very, very much and will be home in ten days.


Casdok said...

Parts of Ireland is very breathtaking.
Good luck with the Irish accent!

Anonymous said...

Great way to remind your hubby to get some things done around the house. ;) Water those plants !;)