Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feeding the Reindeer

My youngest son brought home some reindeer "feed" from Kindergarten. He and his older brother, 10, decided to put feeding the reindeer on the agenda for Christmas Eve.
They were quite proud of their offering and to my surprise the older one did not complain or tantrum when the younger one poured all the food out himself.

The "feed" looks quite a bit like oatmeal. If Santa's reindeer do not eat it, I imagine the regular local does or bucks that live in our city will be happy to find the the meal.

I promised the the Kindergartner that we would not throw the Reindeer food holder away. Maybe we refill it next year for another offering.
Merry Christmas!!

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Casdok said...

Hope Santa's reindeer appreciate the food!!

Merry christmas to you and your dear family x