Saturday, December 20, 2008

Poem: Deserts or Meadows

Image: Calligraphic Lion, Persia Nineteenth Century Giclee Print

Deserts or Meadows by J. Lorenzen

Bold one, bold one,
Bold one of my heart,
He puts me all together
He tears me all apart.

He brings out all my weaknesses,
but the strengths afterward flow.
So, across deserts or meadows
With him would I go.

He carries in the fire light,
And lights my curtained room,
Bold in the doorway
Bold in the gloom;

And bold as a lion,
Crouchful and low.
Across deserts or meadows
With him would I go.

Author's note: This latest adaptation was based on W.B. Yeats' poem To an Isle in the Water, which appeared in a book of Yeats poem titled: A Poet to His Beloved: The Early Poems of W.B. Yeats. Some of the poems were bittersweet because they reflected his unrequited love for Maud Donne, a woman who rejected his three marriage proposals.

Like Yeats, many of us parents of children with special needs love our children unconditionally, no matter what happens. I'm willing to go wherever my child and my love for him takes me. Fortunately, that love gives me the all necessary, but powerful strength to do so. This post concludes my weeklong series about meltdowns. If you missed my first Yeats adaptation titled When you Have Meltdowns and would like to see it, please go here.

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Casdok said...

Another beautiful adaptation.