Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poem: When You Have Meltdowns

When you have Meltdowns by J. Lorenzen

When you have meltdowns and fire and discord in your soul

And raging from the core, find my soft look

And slowly calm and get off the path took

You find your way and fury does go

How I love your moments of pure delight

And find the beauty with love true and true

My one one heart loves my child that is you

And spites the sorrows of your fearsome fight

And not seeing down the curving road

Sigh, a little, sadly, how love prevails

And face toward the mountains autism entails

And find your story amidst many told.

Note: This poem is one I wrote to kick off my week long series on meltdowns. I wish I could say the poem is an original, but must admit it is a derivative of W.B. Yeats' work When you are Old. I bought a book of his poetry while visiting his hometown in Sligo, Ireland and found his poem about unconditional love to be endearing.

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Casdok said...

Beautifuly writen.