Friday, December 5, 2008

Visiting Santa 2008

Photo: C2 visits with Santa Clause in the Town Square of Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

Photo: C1 (who still believes) tells Santa what he wants for Christmas. Both boys were given small Candy Canes by an elf that looked to be C1's age (ten). The elf seemed to know what school
C1 attends, but didn't seem to know that C2 is a Kindergartner at the same school.

Visiting Santa
The digital sign in front of a local bank said seventeen degrees (or minus eight degrees Celsius), but still we waited for about a half an hour before it was our turn to go into the little red house where Santa talked to the children. It was just after five Mt. Pleasant's annual downtown Dickens Festival just began. A manifestation of Mr. E. Scrooge with a light hearted
Bah Humbug!' manner visited with children and their parents as they waited. A local news crew interrupted the line for a few minutes to interview Santa. The camera man found a few moments to cue a group of children that included our two sons to wave at the camera. (It was a live newscastn we'll ever get to see.)
Anyway, the most important question the newsman asked Santa this year was:
Q. Are you giving out lumps of coal this year?

A. Well, given the recent energy crisis, I'm going to have to give stones instead of coal this year.
The most important question that Santa asked my boys was of course:
Q. What do you want for Christmas?
A. (From C2, who went first): I want a Ben 10 watch and a kitty.
A. (From C1): I want a froggy in a tank.
The bottom line: I'm not sure if Santa delivers live pets. If he doesn't, he didn't tell my boys that. We shall see what's under the tree on Christmas morning.


Anonymous said...

What a great looking Santa. A kitty! If a kitty is under the tree please show us pictures. ;)

17 degrees! Brrrrrrrr!

J said...

Unfortunately, a kitty is unlikely because we already have two cats.

As for the froggy in a tank--not impossible, but not likely either.

Yep 17 degrees is pretty cold! My hubby didn't have a hat on and his ears turned bright red. I was Ok because I bundled up really well and even had on snowpants! We picked my husband up from work, so he didn't have a chance for much bundling though I was surprised he didn't have a hat!

Casdok said...

Thats freezing!!
Shame you wont see your kids on tv.

I wonder what Santa will bring your boys?!

J said...

Yep it's freezing! I tried to look up the news story on the web, but our local tv stations don't seem to keep stories on their websites.

Am hoping the boys will be happy with what Santa brough even though there probably won't be anything alive under the tree for them.