Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Mission Statement

Narrowing the Focus at Autism Blog.Net.

In the past, my focus has been fairly broad. I've written about celebrities, social issues, forming support groups, news stories and research. Most of all, I've written plenty of stories related to my family. This year, I decided that it would be helpful to both my readers and myself to tighten the focus so that we all will know what to expect from this blog.

My readers are primarily parents of individuals on the spectrum, my friends and family members, teachers, college students, and professionals who work with individuals on the autism spectrum. My posts will be written with my audience in mind. I'm also aware of the limitations of time and resources in this economy that seems to be going continuously downhill. My main goals will be to provide free information that may or may not be found at other sites and to provide helpful strategies or tips that do not cost a lot of money.

I have access to a wonderful library at Central Michigan University where my husband is the head reference librarian. A lot of the information will be culled from books about autism, educating individuals with autism, and from other print resources like journals and magazines. I' still might write the occasional post about my family, but will try to maintain a focus that is helpful while doing so.

What you are likely to see at in the near future:

  • Book Reviews and/or excerpts
  • Pros and cons of various therapies
  • Tips that cover a variety of topics

  • Methods and Strategies used to help a person with ASD

  • Occasional personal family story related to solving an ongoing problem
  • Week long insights into certain topics

  • Bibliographies

  • Photos or images for most posts
  • Occasional inspirational story

Other Changes: I changed my blog description and profile and have a new blogger identity. Instead of J, I am now Jules. Hopefully, I will be able to put a profile picture up soon.

Topic for the week of January 11, 2009: Special Interest Areas.


mommy~dearest said...

Well, Jules... :)
As an Autism Spectrum mom, I cannot wait to check out your new spin!

Jules said...

To mommy dearest: Thanks. I value your support. : )

Casdok said...

Sounds great - look forward to it!