Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama and an Electric Spark of Hope

Yesterday, felt a lot like New Year's Day. As we celebrated the birth of a new U.S. administration which will be lead by a superstar politician whose political career shot upward almost instantly, an electric current filled the air with hope and joy. The atmosphere yesterday was in general celebratory. It was a day when most of us could put the nation's problems aside temporarily and just smile.

Now the day after the inauguration of Barack Obama, it is time to reflect and wonder. Many have put their faith in this new president to solve most of the nation's problems, but our problems are huge and will take time to correct and solve. Hope is an essential part of putting a positive spin on life, but patience must back it up.

It will be interesting to look back in four years and see the actions President Obama took to correct these problems. Ideally, good decisions will abound from the new administration and inevitable mistakes will be kept to a minimum. If this holds true hopefully the shape of the nation and the economy, in particular, will be at least somewhat improved.

President Obama's decisions will effect us all which is why this post is relevant to a blog about autism. Those who have children with autism, hope that decisions of the father of two, will make decisions that will have a positive economic impact on their families. Individuals, families and especially parents and spouses with loved ones in the military hope for peace and the aversion of terrorism. Perhaps most relevant to this blog is the hope that the new U.S. President will adequately address the health care issue and treat the subject of autism with the respect that it deserves.

In four years, will we see at least some of the hope we all felt yesterday regardless of who wins the 2012 election? Will the inauguration in January 2013 produce the same joyful atmosphere? The expectation (and hope, of course) is that the answer will be yes.

Author's note: This post only vaguely fits the two-week focus of special interest at this blog. Thus, I'd like to dedicate this post not only to the new President, but to my husband, who explores a special interest at his blog, and to my own little patriots who have signed up for an audition to sing the National Anthem at their school's upcoming talent show.

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