Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reeling from Reading Month (March)

Image: The book we forgot to send to school for favorite book day. It was my son's turn to bring in a book. He didn't seem to mind the error, but I sure did!

We love to read in this house. My husband is a librarian and I'm a good, little, bun-wearing librarian's wife! We read every day. I've been helping my kids' with suggested reading activities this month. Below are the chronicles of success as well as the documentation of, gulp, a reading month failure.

Tonight my ten year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder brought home a book to read for homework. He read his book to us during our normal bedtime routine. Usually I read both boys' choices, but today I just read the little guy's pick and sat back and let the big one do his homework. He did a good job reading Sarah and the Barking Dog by Jenny Giles.

Below are some activities we successfully completed on different days that were on the school calendar for the month of March:

Wear shades to school for Hollywood day (theme at school for reading month is Lights! Camera Action), Bring a favorite book to school (Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown), Wear a hat to school, Wear a button to school; Wear workout clothes, Watch (or perform in as my two guys did) a talent show, Bring a joke or riddle to school (my little one brought several kitty knock knock jokes), and wear cozy pajamas (the little guy has really cute blue owl pajamas he proudly wore on this very day).

Below is the chronicle of our mistake:

My oldest son attended the school with the very full reading calendar up until March 9 and now attends another school that has an older Special Education class. Fortunately that school doesn't have a calendar of activities or I would have a heck of a time keeping up. Unfortunately we missed doing one little thing for that school because my mind was still full of calendar activities as well as strategies to get the school switch to go smoothly. I was supposed to help my oldest child pack his favorite book in his backpack to take on Monday (March 16) and I forgot! Maybe it's also because both boys' have to take library books back on Monday and we couldn't find one of them.

The book we would have sent was Beware of the Frog by William Bee. It's a cute, funny little book that my frog-loving ten year old received at his going away party from his regular third grade teacher and class. It's too bad that my son's new special education class missed hearing it read by their teacher. I think they would have enjoyed it, but then again the book does have a rather dark ending...

More success or one, two, or more mistake(s)?

Tomorrow my little one is planning to take in a book to trade while also bringing a book order in for his Kindergarten class visit to the school book fair. He is also supposed to bring a blanket and pillow to school so that he can participate in a onetime, hour-long, after school reading program. Hopefully, we'll remember everything!

P.S. Did I mention that the reading calendar school also has us playing reading bingo? Do a reading activity at home, fill a bingo square. Get a standard bingo, get a small prize. Fill the card, get a special treat. My little one (who remained at the same school after his older brother left) is thinking big...

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