Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part II: School Transition Strategies

This is Part II of a three-part series. For Part I, please go here.

What the child's 'new' teacher can do to help a child with ASD transition to a new classroom and/school:

1. If a homemade book has been made about each student in the room ( a really wonderful idea, by the way), let the family with the new student borrow it. This allows the student to get a idea of who will be in there new classroom while in a comfortable setting.

2. Allow the parent an opportunity to ask questions.

3. Give the parent as much contact information about yourself as you are willing to provide. My son's new teacher gave us a laminated copy with a magnet on the back with her contact information.

4. If you know in advance when your new student will be visiting, have his or her desk and locker set up so that they'll have an idea where to go on their first day.

5. Schedule the classroom visit so that the child can easily participate in a classroom activity. My child listened to a book being read, participated in a question/answer session and then did a related art project.

Next up is Part III. In that post, I'll write about how a current teacher can help a student prepare to leave the classroom and move into another one.

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