Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Central Michigan's 2009 April Awareness Calendar

Family Fun Night, Friday April 17, 6-7:30 pm, Lake Michigan Room (on the upper level of the University Center at CMU). The Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) will be organizing activities and helping out with the children for this event.

Mini Resource Fair, Saturday, April 25, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Veteran’s Memorial Library, Mt. Pleasant, MI, sponsored by the Autism Society of Michigan (ASM) and Central Michigan Autism Society of America (CMASA). Exhibitors to be represented are recreational, educational, community providers, state agencies, advocacy groups, therapists, adult resources, camps, schools, transitional programs, consultants and food including allergen free. There will also be an IEP Help Desk and a Rummage Sale which will include home items, books, and resources on sale for reduced prices.

Note: We still need volunteers for the April 25 resource fair. If there is anyone out there in the Central Michigan area who would like to help out us out, please email me at julielorenzen[put in at sign here]hotmail.com and I will give you a list of possible duties. Thanks!

My Thoughts: Last April I was 'sprinting' to help with the Central Michigan Autism Society of America's (CMASA) chapter autism awareness month activities. We had a whopping nine events on our 2008 calendar. By the end of the month the rest of the committee and I were burned out on autism advocacy.

This year I'm just 'jogging' at a comfortable pace because we scaled back to a more sensible calendar of two events. We also teamed up with two different groups--each of which has been responsible for organizing their respective event. So here is a huge thank you from the secretary of CMASA to the CMU chapter of the Student Council of Exceptional Children for helping us out with family fun night and to ASM for helping us with the mini-resource fair.


Casdok said...

If you pay travel expenses - ill pop over! :)

Mark B. said...

I have an autistic stepson. it is very hard. Would love to keep up with what you are talking about. My wife is at www.teachmesportsforwomen.blogspot.com and I am at www.georgiahighschoolsportstalk.blogspot.com Looking forward to your comments

Julie L. said...

To Casdok: I would if I could!! : )

To Mark B: Nice to meet you. Will stop by at some point. : )

Cassavaugh Family said...

Julie, I'm so glad we bumped into each other at the library and then again at the school this morning. Thank you so much for the event information. I was looking for your group and found your blog! I will add it to my list of blogs I check regularly. Thanks for what you are doing!

Maybe this isn't the place to include this information but if you would like to see more information about the future Mt Pleasant Discovery Museum you can go to: www.mpdiscoverymuseum.org

Julie L. said...

I'm glad we bumped into each other too! Will check out the website. May make a good future post. Thanks for the comment. : )

We don't have an official website for Central Michigan ASA. My husband and I are in charge of developing it, but it's been slow going. Maybe next month...