Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two Easter Books, One Story

I thought I might have fell into a meltdown trap when I asked my older son (the one with Autism Spectrum Disorder) to choose Happy Easter by Kurt Wiese for his bedtime story choice. It was the only Easter book in sight and I was in the mood to read it to my guys. It is a cute little story about the eggs the Easter Bunny's children collect so that the E.B. can color and deliver them in time for Easter Morning.

Anyway my little guy (the one without ASD) protested and hurriedly chose that book while his big brother was brushing his teeth. I expected a fight with screams and demands coming from both boys.

What I received was cooperation and respect. The little one helped me dig through our book reserves to find another book. He came up with The Little Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown. It's about a little bunny who becomes best buddies with a little chick which hatches from an egg he found.

To my utmost relief the brothers in my own home were also in buddy mode. They both agreed that The Golden Egg Book was a good second book to read the night before Easter.

Note: I didn't think that The Golden Egg Book, while very spring-like with a hatched egg and a bunny, could be counted as an Easter book. Imagine my surprise when I found it was #7 on a list of ten for best Easter Books. When I told my little one about my discovery he used the ole 'mom line' of "I told you so!!" This list, by the way, has some selections worth checking out. It has Easter books based on the biblical story as well as books about the Easter Bunny, etc.

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