Friday, May 29, 2009

An Idea for Making Colorful Musical Shakers

Image: (picture from You can buy duct tape in fluorescent colors as pictured above or in regular shades from this site. Price as of May 2009 is $3.25 (U.S.) per roll.

Wonderful Tape: Use duck tape or electrical tape. They come in bright colors. The only thing is that tape is sticky and can cause frustration when two ends get stuck together before the tape goes into the correct spot. To avoid meltdowns, I surprised my kids with the instruments already constructed and then let them add stickers, etc as decorations. I used to make drums out of coffee cans but that is rather difficult now that Maxwell House and Folgers has switched to plastic containers in unfriendly drum shapes.

How to Make a Musical Shaker:

1. Wash out a tin soup can and lid. (preferably) a lid that doesn't have a pull tab)

2. Dry, then fill with uncooked rice, pasta, unpopped popcorn kernels, etc.

3. Tape lid back on can.

4. Use as many different colored tapes as you'd like to decorate the can. Make rainbow stripes or use just one or two colors.

5. Have child put finishing touch on with stickers or foam shapes (one can glam the shapes up with glitter or other fancy materials).

6. See here for more ideas and warnings (please take care when using materials that could be choking hazards!). Here is an idea for making a tambourine using paper plates.
Other container ideas: Pringles cans (great for duct tape stripes), 64 oz plastic peanut butter jars with lid, plastic containers made to hold pre-made icing, peanut cans with lids (be aware of allergies of guests as skin contact can be harmful too!)

For More Music: See my sidebar for information about getting a free Kids Bop CD. We have extras to share from Happy Meals. I have #4 or #7 to send out. Each CD has five songs. I have three or four (approx. two of each) to give. Will send to the first people in the U.S. or Canada to request them.


Cassavaugh Family said...

Hadn't thought to buy the cool duct tape to cover. I have been saving containers to do something similar for the church kids I teach music to. But the right opportunity hasn't presented itself. So maybe we will just turn these things into summer fun music noise maker project. Thanks

john said...

new to your blog....i just love it. I gave you an award...