Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Special: My Son's Mother's Day Booklet

Image: (as featured on the marigold presented to me today looked a lot like this one.

On Friday my son ten year old son's school bus driver handed my boy (who has autism) a purple paper sack before C1 stepped off the special education bus. (It had been given to the bus driver for safe keeping!!) Standing at my front door, I was curious. 'What is in that bag? ' I thought.

But C1 wouldn't let me look. "It's for Mother's Day," he said, tossing the bag into our coat closet. I knew he wouldn't be handing me the bag until Sunday. I also knew he wouldn't forget as he happens to love holidays--any holiday.

So, this morning, being the big day and all, the first thing my son did when he got up was to retrieve that lovely purple bag with a card, made by him, attached. I opened the bag and found a potted marigold inside. (It looked great despite the fact it was in a dark bag in a dark closet for a day and a half.) I noticed that C1 had decorated the terra cotta pot using his favorite color--green. What I didn't notice was the card attached. (I know, how rude of me, not looking at the card before the gift!!) Both my boys were up and C2, my youngest son, reminded me that there was a card.

"It's a book!" C1, the gift giver, said. So I picked the card up (oops, it was on the floor!! I really am like a kid sometimes...) and found a gift as beautiful as the orange and red flowers on the plant. It was a mother's day book--written (with prompts) and illustrated (no help necessary there) by my son. The cover had three (non-colored) hearts hand drawn with a #2 pencil. One heart had an arrow going through, one had ruffles drawn around it, and the third was just your standard issue heart. Each page started with a prompt and ended with my son's own words. I don't have the tech ability to put the drawings up, but below are the words--misspellings and all!

Title: mother's Day Story book by C...

Prompt: Dear Mom,

C1's words: Happy mothers day i will Love you forever p.s. i know you'el love me for ever to.

Prompt: Love,

C1: [wrote his name].

Prompt: If I could give my mom something special, it would be

C1: takeing my mom to red Lobster.

Prompt: My favorite thing about my mom is

C1: When she gets of the computer and Let's me on.

Prompt: I like being with my mother most when

C1: She takes me out. (he even drew a picture of our mini-van with him and I looking out our respective windows!)

Prompt: Things I've learned from my mother are

C1: that i have t be good.

Prompt: The funniest thing I remember about my mom is

C1: She teases when we do and she says i know (I'll often say "I know! You're teasing me!" He's pleased at his fairly new skill of teasing. However, he is still somewhat limited when it comes to the skill...)

Back cover page: A picture of C1 taken at school, with a box noting it was Mother's Day 2009.

Other gifts: Note: C2, 6, brought me a sheet of paper with his hand print and a poem about little hand prints--that I did get to see on Friday. Not to be outdone by his big brother this morning, C2 handed me a big chocolate bar (more than a 1,000 calories worth!!), and a handmade (by an older lady) card with pressed pansies on the front that his dad bought for him (actually both sons) to give. Their dad had brought me a dozen roses and gave them to me the previous evening before we went out on a dinner/movie date. Yep, I am one lucky lady.

I hope all moms out there are having a great Mother's Day!!!

P.S. There was a time, six years ago or so, when I thought he'd never be able to write so well or draw detailed pictures. But here we are! The day has arrived...


Casdok said...

Awww that is so lovely. You are indeed one very lucky mum!!

Morgan said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!


Cassavaugh Family said...

OH this is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. What a great day.