Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photo Essay: Proud of Proud Equestrians!

Author's Note: My son has been riding in the Proud Equestrian Program (PEP) for five year years now. This is the first year that Pep members were invited to compete in the Isabella County Fair for ribbons and trophies. The last competition was yesterday. My son collected two first places, three seconds and a third place ribbon. Well done C1! A special thanks goes to my husband who has taken been taking our son to PEP classes for years and who was devoted enough to use his vacation days to take him in for all four days of competition. Please read more about PEP here.

Image: C1's friend, a fellow Pep rider who also has ASD, gets a nuzzle from Fonzi, a horse he was visiting in the horse barn. The great thing about PEP is that riders become comfortable around horses, though they also learn about horse safety too. C1's friend also did a great job competing and won some ribbons. (photo by Sherrie Sponseller)

C1 with one of his ribbons, Mister, and Mister's owner, Staci. Staci, C1's mentor and member of the Pony Express 4-H club, did a wonderful job helping him compete all week. C1 will present her with a bouquet of flowers in appreciation of her hard work. She also showed chickens and competed with Mister in various categories, so it was a busy week for her. (photo by Michael Lorenzen)

Image: C1 feels pretty comfortable on horseback both a Western saddle (shown) and English saddle. He competed in both styles of riding and always looks forward to a chance to ride. (photo by Michael Lorenzen)


Casdok said...

Congratulations C1!!

Cassavaugh Family said...

WOW that is great! Congratulations to C1. I learn so much from you. Of course I'm new to learning what is out there for our kids. I need to find something like this for our guy - maybe even this, not sure. Sounds like it would address some of his issues. Thanks for introducing the idea and info about PEP. What a great program.

Corrie Howe said...

Congratulations. I bet C1 felt great about his accomplishments. And I bet the rest of the family are also proud of his accomplishments too. Sounds like a great program.