Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Writer Dad Puts a Call out for Stories

Now that Jon Gilbert, story teller and author of this blog, recently celebrated the one year anniversary of his publication, Same Child Different Day: One family's experiences during the first year after a child's autism diagnosis, he's ready for a new project. He is hoping to collect and publish autism-related stories from other authors who have a loved one with autism.

Jon writes about what he is looking for at this post. Please note, that while my series of late has been about dad's and creative story telling, Jon will accept stories from moms and other family members too. Here is an excerpt from Jon's post that gives an idea of the types of stories Jon is looking for:

"Share something funny, something frustrating, something prideful or something quirky. Did you have an awkward but amusing run-in in public? Maybe we did, too! Does your loved one living with autism have a funny trait? No need to be embarrassed or devastated by it; brag about it now! Here's your chance to tell everyone how frustrating that stim is, while at the same time admitting that you have laughed about it behind closed doors. I am not asking any of us to make fun of our loved ones --- oh goodness, no! Instead this is an opportunity to include them in mainstream life --- a chance to show off the fact that, just as they are as different as chocolate and vanilla, they are equally just like everyone else."

Note: I've revised and submitted one of my posts from my earliest days of blogging. Bloggers and non bloggers alike are invited to submit. You can email your stories to jongilbert[put in at sign] His publication, Same Child Different Day is available for sale at his blog.


Corrie Howe said...

Julie, thanks for your blog. Thank you for your information. I loved the artwork!

I saw in your profile that you love Mozart and the Whale. Me too!!!! It gives me hope that my son will impact people in a profound way. Even if it is only a few people and those people aren't on anyone's radar.

Julie L. said...

Corrie: You are welcome. Glad you liked the artwork. Yes, I think both our sons have the potential to impact people. : ) And yeah, Mozart and the Whale is a wonderful film.

Jon G said...


THanks for the plug and the link. Sorry I haven't given you a submission yet...but I'm sure you of all people understand the word "busy"! Thanks again and happy writing.

Oh, and HI CORRIE!

Julie L. said...

Jon G.: You are welcome. Yes, I understand the word "busy!" : ) I think most parents can identify with the word. lol.

I will run your excerpt soon, but will leave the call for stories post up for at least another day.

Casdok said...

What a great project! I have many stories of C over the years as you can imagine!

Julie L. said...

Yes, you do! All your stories are poignant, but one post of yours that stands out in my memory is when C knocked you out during a head banging incident at a playgroup. Afterward you woke up with hunky fire fighters gazing down at you with concerned faces. It made me laugh and cry at the same time.

Beans said...

I'm a mummy with a child with autism and love the funnier side....what a great idea.