Friday, September 4, 2009

Concluding the Series on Creative Dads

I wish to wish a belated Happy Blogging Anniversary to Harold Doherty from Autism in New Brunswick. Blogging is an endeavor that requires creativity, vision and passion for one's topic. Being in a two-blogger household, I realize how challenging it can be to keep a blog running for an extended period of time. In that sense, I can really appreciate the fact that Harold has been able to regularly update his for three years.

I really enjoyed Harold's third year anniversary post, and I hope everyone, despite what your approach to autism might be (biomed, neutral, or neurodiversity) will enjoy or at least appreciate it too. If you are unfamiliar with Harold's blog, one only needs to consult the pledge found on the top right hand corner of his blog to become aware of what his views towards autism are.

Speaking of belated, I wish to extend a belated thank you to John from Special Needs in Munchkin Land for this award that he granted me back in June. To see what the award is for and what it means please visit here, where John has posted both the original (in Spanish) and translated explanations. Basically it is an education award.

In terms of creativity, I found the most creative bloggers tend to attract a lot of awards. John, who most recently was granted The Golden Heart Award, is no exception. I'd like to pass my award, "Compromiso Educativo," to all of the dads whom I highlighted in this series: Justin Waterman, "Ryan's Dad," Michael Lorenzen, Jon Gilbert, and Harold Doherty. I also grant this award to Dan E. Burns, who wrote Saving Ben. I'm expecting the book in the mail any time soon. Although this is the last post for my series on creative dads, I will post a review of his book when possible.

Note: My upcoming series will be focused on feature films and documentaries.


Casdok said...

This has been a lovely series and i look forward to the next one!

Jon G said...

Thanks for thinking of us Dads!!!

Julie L. said...

Casdok: Thanks and Happy Birthday!
Jon G: You are Welcome! I enjoyed writing the series.