Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Faces of Autism!

Happy Birthday Faces of Autism and Happy Birthday C!

Intermission time for my series!

I interrupt my series on movies, documentaries, to post about an even more direct portrayal of autism--autism as discussed by parents who have children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or individuals on the spectrum. Sometimes it's just best to get the story of ASD straight from the source.

A year ago on September 23, my friend Ms. Casdok launched Faces of Autism, a great site that features a description of a person with autism, a photo and most often a link or two. It's a blog that features a diverse array of people. If you go there, you will see that both genders, all ages, all ethnicities, and all parts of the spectrum are represented. Twins and even a set of triplets have been featured.

My good blogger friend launched the blog just in time to celebrate the birth of her favorite person in the world--her son, C, who is 21 today, September 24. His photo, along with one of her little nephew, kicked off 2009 as her New Year's Day post. As for me and mine, I am proud to say that my guy, C1 (then described as the Vowles Viking) was in her first batch of posts as seen here.

Ms. Casdok will post multiple times about the same person--particularly on a person who is a growing, changing child. That said, I'll have to get busy and send in another photo (will link to it here when possible) because my fourth grader has grown a lot since the first day of third grade, when the last photo was taken. Anyone interested in submitting a photo should submit it via email to her address as listed on the right top hand corner of her blog. I hope that parents or individuals that see this will consider submitting a photo to her site. It's great to see who is all out there.

As for movies, Ms. Casdok has another site called Mother of Shrek. She has a great list of movies at that site that are related to autism. You can see the list here. The post was originally done April 2008, but she has updated it to include 2009 films.

P.S. The Faces of Autism launch date is easy to remember because September 23 is my birthday too!

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Casdok said...

Thank you Julie :)
And happy birthday to you!!