Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wrapping up the Media Series

Obstacles. I have faced many of them, including a shortage of time, while writing this media series. The website for a documentary (Sidecars, mentioned in a previous post) I was going to review was taken down. Further, The Black Balloon, an Australian movie that focuses on the internal struggles of a brother who has an autistic sibling, is not available yet in the United States. It will be sent to me via Netflix when available. Amazon has it, but DVD players in the U.S. are not compatible with the DVD currently being sold at the site.

I hadn't planned on including webcasts in this series but did so in order to keep this blog updated regularly. I was grateful for the opportunities to do so. Speaking of that, here is a link to an online video. According to Alexandra Wharton, the vice president of, "the video summarizes recent studies on the number of those affected with autism and the controversy surrounding apparently growing numbers." Please note that I haven't had the chance to view it due to a shortage of time and some technical difficulties associated with blogging from my home.

Also, a big thank you goes to Jon Gilbert for sending me this link about the documentary Living the Autism Maze, a documentary about families in Vermont. It came out in 2005. It can be ordered by calling a toll free number found at the site.

On a final note, here are two films related to autism that were released in the last year: Mary and Max (a claymation film) and City Rats. I haven't seen either film, but both look promising. They both have yet to be released on DVD.


Corrie Howe said...

A young man with Asperger's in England reviewed Mary and Max. It sounds good. Although he left out the claymation part.

Casdok said...

It is really good to see there are more films around on Autism as it is a good way of educating the public!

Marla said...

So glad to be back and catch up. Thanks so much for sharing this!