Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratitude Quirky Style

Photo by C1.

Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are often stressful. This is especially true for families who have one or more members with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Things change. Expectations may or may not be met. Chaos prevails. So instead of doing a traditional gratitude post, I'm going to try and lighten up a bit. Hopefully my list things to be grateful for will at least make you smile. Anyway, here it goes. I'm grateful that...

The boys no longer play Humpty Dumpty in the house--with eggs from the refrigerator.

I don't have to capture renegade crickets (toad food) with bare hands very often.

The little frog I accidentally sat on last summer survived, and that I didn't traumatize my pint-size animal lovers.

Our six year old once mistakenly called a tuxedo a "torpedo.

Our 11 year old with ASD put an old fashioned metal vegetable strainer on his head today and called himself "the Tinman."

I didn't break or even hurt a toe when I knocked over a heavy, folded up card table in the basement this morning.

I can appreciate my husband's fascination for all things Sasquatch.

I didn't feel too dumb when my older son was right about that red thing under a turkey's chin being called a wattle and not a "gobbler" as I once thought.

I don't have to try and pass off processed turkey loaf because other much appreciated relatives will be doing most of the cooking.

My husband is good at calling out Bingo numbers for my side of the family's annual game--complete with small wrapped prizes for the winners.

We know better than to give our elderly cat tuna or any kind of fish. Don't ask why or you'll be sorry!!! If she's lucky, she'll get a can of turkey cat food.

I have extra special friends that I can laugh with through life. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Casdok said...

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you! Yes your list did make me smile and i love the photo!

Corrie Howe said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I think having unique lists are great! I love the turkey on the computer.

Celeste Jean said...

Thanks for sharing! I love these! I am grateful my son with autism did well with the family on thanksgiving... even if my 16 yr old brother with autism did not. :)

Marla said...

The holidays are stressful here as well. M's birthday is right before Christmas making it all the more complicated, now throw in visitation from a divorce and it is even more difficult.

robert said...

The UK discriminates people with autism