Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brotherly Love

Below: C2 and C1 (the one who has autism spectrum disorder--ASD) bond over stuff animals.

It makes my day when I see my two boys getting along so well, although they fight as much as you would expect brothers to do. C2, 7, often leads C1, 11, in play, usually using stuffed animals.

C2 loves cats. C1 loves "froggies." We have a lot of stuffed frogs... and a lot of cats too!!!

My oldest received the giant stuffed frog for Christmas from his paternal grandparents. My youngest received the two cats he is holding from his maternal aunt.

Beyond bonding over the stuffed animals, my oldest has been known to hug and kiss his little brother and tell him he loves him without being prompted. We have to work on the appropriate times to do this because C2 gets embarrassed if C1 does this in front of other people. However, I'm grateful my guy is capable of displaying unprompted affection. I get the occasional "I love you" from him as well.

It always seems like a miracle. I wonder if maybe that is because I have been telling him I love him every day since he was a baby. Who knows?

I'd understand, though, if my guy was unable to say those three words or hug or kiss, as I know is the case with many people on the spectrum. After all love should be unconditional. Although I cannot speak for them, it's very likely that the person with ASD loves their family members despite being unable to display it in an outward manner. We can't assume they are incaple of having emotions because they are unable to display them.

Today is Valentines Day, and I wish you all a very happy one. I hope there is as much love in your household as there is in mine. : )