Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Super Hero Day Camp

Note about Image: Plastic Man was chosen because this "Super Mom" has to "stretch" quite a bit to keep up with "Super C", her super kid on the autism spectrum.

Note: I am going to be exploring the theme of heroes in the next few posts. Most of the time, this author's eleven year old child is known here as C1, though for the time being he'll be "Super C!" Please stay tuned for more...

Super Hero Day Camp!!!

Tomorrow is day four of Super Hero day camp in the community center at our local park. It runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is just on for this week. So far, so good. His behavior was great the first two days, though day 3 was a bit tricky at first.

"Super C" has an aide (assigned by the special needs specialist in the parks and recreation department). Todaywe decided it was important for her to stay in the background. "Super C" knows when he stands out as different, and he probably noticed that the aide made him stand out amonst the rest of the kids. Yesterday "Super C" transformed into the "Ring Man" who tried to put "Super Aide" in" jail" with a hula hoop. He was almost obsessive about it.

It got "Super Mom" to thinking...Is "Ring Man" the villain we need to look out for? Maybe... Whatever the case, "Super Mom" is hoping "Super C1" will rule the week. The strategy is for Super Aide to lie low and to appear only when "the Meltdown Monster" threatens to emerge or when it is obvious that Super C needs a break to keep from getting overwhelmed.

As stated previously, "Super C" had a little trouble this morning. Luckily "Super mom" was still in the playground outside with C2, a non hero participant when a ruckus errupted outside. Using her "super ears" she was able to identify the aggitated voice of her offspring immediately.

It wasn't easy, but "Super Mom" and "Super Aide" managed to calm him down so that he was able to participate for the rest of the day. The young super heroes and their super staff took a tour of a park across the street which has a fish hatchery. Super aide told me that Super C enjoyed watching the trout being fed.

Somehow "Super Mom" was able to take C2 out for errands and then on to picking strawberries five miles out of town. It wasn't easy for her to let go of the anxiety that the "Ring Man" or the "Melt Down Monster" might appear. The super cell phone was on hand and a quick stop at home between errands and strawberry warranted a check of the voice mail. The Super Subaru would have "flown" back to the park at any hint of trouble.

At least the first two days went by relatively seemlessly, despite the brief debut of "Ring Man" on Day 2. The young super heroes made super hero masks out of paper mache. "Super C" came home yesterday with paper mache goop on his shoes and pants. "Super Mom" cleaned them off the best she could this morning using a scraping method with a handy super tool.

The good news is that "Super C" managed to particpate and created a green mask, which is his favorite color. It looks a little small, but it might fit him. They are going to dress up in full super hero gear on Friday. A picture may or may not appear here, depending on a number of factors, such as whether "Super C" will be able to stay at Super Hero camp.

In the meantime, if you so desire to create your own super hero, please check out this link. Enjoy. : )

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