Monday, July 26, 2010

Update: Super C won't be Morphing into a Super Traveler

Note: This is part of a thread about the (inclusive) day camps that this blogger's son was signed up for. Please see the previous two posts if you are new to this blog. : )

Super C was unable to maintain his super status at super hero day camp. This was evident on the fourth afternoon of a five day camp. Super C literally left the building and decided to go home on his own due to protests of those helping to maintain the safety of him and the other campers. After some thought and consideration and some input from the camp staff, Super Mom decided that it was best to cancel day camp number 2. So Super C will not be morphing into a super traveler this year for the Around the World day camp that is being held in August.

Super mom is pursing leads to inspire and help Super C to pursue his super status once again. While she is currently avoiding the stress that comes with worrying about the behavior of her son in social settings away from home, she is determined that Super C will have some future opportunities. She just needs time to figure out how to help her son minimize some behaviors that make being in an inclusive environment rather challenging for everyone involved.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update: Super Hero Photos

Photo: Super C's Costume with SC at bottom. He modeled it at home.

Update: Super C went Missing in Action by day the end of day four despite a promise that in the morning that Super C with his super behavior would stick around all day. Even though Super C promised in the morning of day four, Super Mom was hailed to come to the rescue by the end of the day. This resulted in Super Mom deciding that Super C should stay home for the last day of camp. She believed Super C disappeared because his alter ego (C1) needed a break.Photo 2: Super C's sidekick (his little brother) took over modeling duties because Super C didn't have much patience with posing in costume, which probably is not super comfortable to wear... Little C2 does look cute, but it doesn't look like either the hero or the sidekick will don the mask or cape anytime soon...

Note: Super mom is hoping that day camp number two for C1 will go well, or at least that he'll have a good three out of five days. She'll consider letting C1 sit out day five again if necessary. A journey (going around the world) will be the focus of that camp, which is also put on by the parks and recreation department in our current city.