Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another School Change

C1, or super boy as I sometimes call him, has changed schools again. The school team and I have done our best to find a place where he'll feel more comfortable than where he was at. He started a Life Skills program on Monday, and he had a very good week.

This is nice compared to the time not long ago when I felt like I had to wait around the house all day waiting for the inevitable call to come pick him up. Usually, I got the call before 11 a.m., which indicated something wasn't right since this happened almost daily.

The school where he was at had a resource room, but it was not equipped to handle my son's level of need. They tried giving him an aide, but that didn't work out so well either. He was supposed to spend a lot of time included in the general education classroom, but it was evident by his behavior that he couldn't handle that environment.

So we're trying a new school with a program that seems to be better designed to fit his needs. As far as transitions go, my son doesn't seem to mind big changes like changing schools. It's the smaller transitions like changing classrooms that can get to him.

I am glad and really relieved that my super boy has done well with the change so far. His most difficult challenge was getting past his rigidity against starting a middle school housing grades 6, 7, and 8, as a fifth grader. Somehow we got him to change his mind and he agreed to go.

My worry is that C1 usually has a grace period before his behavior falls apart at school. I'm hoping that this time it will be different. We have more supports in place for him as well as a behavior plan that resulted from a functional behavioral assessment that the autism consultant in our district completed. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.


Casdok said...

Fingers and toes crossed for C1. Really hope it all works out for him.

Cassavaugh Family said...

It was good to read this update and I too hope this works. I have stressed lately about what if we have to move. I feel so spoiled here with everyone who is really on the same page for the most part. Doesn't mean there aren't problems but they are easily worked through for now. I will anxiously wait to hear how thing progress.

Robert Hickman said...

How is this school working out for C1? IMO, schools, of any description will never be able to really support people on the spectrum, though I would love evidence to the contrary. (absolutely no meltdowns at all, for example).

Julie L. said...

Thanks all for the well wishes. We're homeschooling because the new school didn't work out. I don't think any school would work for him at the moment.
Robert: Your opinion rings true. The new school didn't work out at all. We're homeschooling now with access to speech, occupational, and hopefuly behavioral therapy.

One advantange to homeschooling is that the environment can be controlled, the teaching style can adjusted to the learning style of the child, and appropriate subject matter can be chosen. As far as socialization...this beats having him screaming in a small secluded room all day...or getting suspended for innappropiate behavior. Am trying to make learning fun for him again.