Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photo Essay: Pearl Harbor and King Kamehameha's Palace

Photo: This is the one trip that eased my mind about pulling the boys out of school for a week for a five-day trip to Hawaii the first week in January. My husband and I both thought that taking them to see the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor would be a wonderful history lesson.

Photo 2: It wasn't as easy as a trip as we had hoped. Our oldest son, C1 who autism, was more interested in having something to eat than posing for pictures like this one by the USS Arizona's anchor, or going out via a small boat to see the actual site. The hardest part was waiting for and enduring the short film about the Pearl Harbor attack. He did not want to see the movie, but it was a mandatory part of the trip. The movie is a way that the park manages the vast numbers of tourists that come to visit. They sell tickets by time slots available. Our son was fixated on getting a snack. We thought he'd have a meltdown and that we would not be able to go, but thankfully C1's dad helped him manage through it.

Photo 3: Once at the site of the memorial, we gave him a disposable camera so he could take pictures for a report for school. He was calmer and more interested once we disembarked from the small boat that took us to the memorial site and taking pictures gave him something to do. I took the photo featured above, but he did take a similar one featuring the wall of names of the men who died on Dec. 7, 1941.

Photo 4: He also took a photo similar to this one of the American Flag. Photo 4: C1 also took a few photos like this...of rusted, but visible structures of the ship above water.

Photo 5: When, not taking pictures, he looked around the site some with his dad in tow. I was in charge of our youngest son. C2, who was also taking pictures. C1 did relax some after the movie was over (he might have been anxious about possible sensory discomfort in the theater), but probably didn't appreciate visiting the memorial much as he enjoyed seeing...

Photo 6: King Kamehameha's Palace! It was all he talked about before we left via our bus tour. We didn't get to go inside, but thankfully, just getting a look from the outside was enough for C1. :)

Note: C1 is really more interested in cultural history than mainstream history, so it wasn't surprising that he wasn't as geared up to visit the The USS Arizona memorial, and that we had more behavioral issues there than we did taking a look at the palace.