Thursday, October 13, 2011

Faces of Autism

Photo: C, the handsome son of Casdok.                       Faces. The beautiful faces of autism. There are many out there in this world, and will be many more. My friend Casdok, the blogger of Mother of Shrek started a blog three years ago so that everyone could recognize the beauty of autism. I had a small part in it, by helping her choose among a short list of possible titles. We thought that the Faces of Autism best captured the spirit of the blog.

Recently, Casdok decided to give up her role as administrator and offered me the opportunity to keep this blog going. Obviously, I said yes. As the new administrator, I am hoping to publish at least one post a week, on Wednesday if possible.

The blog is simple and wonderful. Every post features a photograph of an adult or child with autism with a brief description of the person. The identities of the children are protected as much as possible, but the essence of who they are are still captured in the post.

To submit, please send a photograph and a brief description of the person and a notation of the country where he or she lives (exact location not necessary). Email your submission to me at julielorenzen [at] hotmail [dot] com. Links the blog of a parent or individual are accepted, but one doesn't not need to have a blog to submit. Click here to see an example of what is publised at Faces of Autism. If you have already submitted to this site, but haven't done so for a year or more, please feel free to submit an updated photo and information. I hope to hear from many of you soon. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Explaining Respect to Children with Autism

I love this video from you tube. Counselor Rob explains respect beautifully. He uses pictures, an expressive voice, and affirmation to explain to this somewhat abstract social concept.  He covers respecting places, things and people. Counselor Rob's speaking style is also perfect for children on the spectrum who have some trouble with receptive speech. He speaks slowly and clearly.

My son, C1, disliked Aretha Frankilin's song Respect, which I tried first when trying to teach him about respect. However, he liked and responded well to this video. He had no concept of what respect was until we covered it in home school last Spring. We just did a review this Fall after we got a new printer that he had trouble leaving alone. He is also nicer to one of his little brother's friends now too.

Thank you Counselor Rob!!!