Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Returning to blogging

Caption: Macomb Balloon Rally 2017. Photo by C1.
It's been five years and a day since I last posted. We've moved twice since 2012. The first was in late June 2013 from the state of Washington to Illinois and the second time was from a rental in the country to the home we bought in late September 2015. Yep, we've been caught in a whirlwind of change. We've had some difficulties along the way, but the good news is we endured, survived and even explored our new surroundings by taking several trips in Illinois (Chicago, Quad City areas, Peoria, etc.) and visited all the surrounding states (most recently, Kentucky where we explored Mammoth caves during spring break).
I miss the breathtaking views we had in Washington, but am finding plenty to love about our small college town in Illinois. One of my favorite things about our 'new' community in Illinois is the balloon rally hosted at the local university every year (first weekend in September). I was happy to share my love of this event with C1. My other two guys had a busy week so they chilled while C1 and I ventured off around 6 p.m. It is the first time since 2013 that he has wanted to go, and the evening was a success.  
I'd like to say is back better than ever, but the truth is I've gotten rusty. A lot can happen in five years including drastic changes not only in surrounding but also in technology and habits. My youngest son (C2) took over the family computer and I drifted more towards my smart phone and social media where I share the stories I used to share here in a more private setting.
That said, I'm feeling the call to write ( and be helpful as possible) again so I'll give it my best try. The biggest question I have is: What would you like to see here? Top ten lists? Tool boxes? Question and answer sessions? Essays on issues? Please let me know. Thanks!